XDS-PRO4P Command Table
Command Subcommand(s) Description Syntax
( ) = required value
[] = optional value
ALARM N/A Display or set the alarm mask to fire from M&C connector. Values 00000000-FFFFFFFF ALARM [mask]
ALIB LIST Lists files that have been delivered to the receiver, ISCI codes of insertable files, or recordings of live audio programming. ALIB LIST,FILES
  DEL Deletes files from receiver storage by ISCI code or file name ALIB DEL,ISCI,(code)
  INBOX Allows the terrestrial pickup process to be enabled/disabled or a manual check triggered ALIB INBOX,(ON/OFF/GET)
  TEST Prints out the status of the storage devices ALIB TEST
  SCAN Scans the directory structure of the storage devices for any errors ALIB SCAN
  FIX Runs a check disk process to repair any storage issues. Can be run manually or automatically. ALIB FIX,(AUTO/FORCE),[CF/HDD/ALL]
  FORMAT Completely formats the selected storage device and recreates the file system. ALIB FORMAT,(CF/HDD)
BAUD N/A Displays the baud settings for the M&C port BAUD
E0 / E1 SHOW Shows the current settings for the ethernet interface E0 SHOW
  MAC Displays the MAC address of the interface E1 MAC
  DHCP Toggle DHCP on or off for the interface. Allows the IP address to be assigned automatically E0 DHCP,[ON/OFF]
  ADDR Display or set the IP address for the interface E1 ADDR,[a.b.c.d]
  MASK Display or set the subnet mask for the interface E0 MASK,[a.b.c.d]
  GATEWAY Display or set the gateway for the interface E0 GATEWAY,[a.b.c.d]
  DNS Display or set up to three DNS servers for the interface. E0 DNS,[a.b.c.d],[]
  ROUTE Displays the routing table for the interface E0 ROUTE
  PROXY Display, set or clear the porxy server and port for the interface. E0 PROXY,[host:port]
  WWW Display or set the IP addresses for the NOC website E0 WWW,[host1,host2]
MAIL SHOW Displays the current settings for the mail feature MAIL SHOW
  TEST Sends a test email to the address in the 'Mail To:' field MAIL TEST
  CLEAR Clears all mail settings MAIL CLEAR
  HOST Display or set the SMTP host and port for sending email notifications MAIL HOST,[host:port]
  TO Set the email address(es) to be notified. Multiple recipients are comma seperated. MAIL TO,[recipient1],[]
  ALERT Set the alert mask to send notifications for. Values 00000000-FFFFFFFF MAIL ALERT,00000000
FACTORY DEFAULTS Reset receiver user settings or full factory defaults FACTORY DEFAULTS,USER
  NETWORK Display the network ID of the receiver FACTORY NETWORK
FAN SHOW Basic fan check FAN SHOW
  AUTO Set fan to automatic speed control FAN 0 AUTO
  TACH Display fan tach value in RPM FAN 0 TACH
  val Set fan speed in percent (val) FAN 0 100
FPGA N/A Used for technical support only  
HELP N/A Displays the available comands HELP
MON N/A Used for technical support only  
I2C N/A Used for technical support only  
LCD N/A Displays entered text on LCD front panel LCD ("line1") ["line2" "line3" "line4"]
LOAD SHOW Displays the current code version installed in the software banks LOAD SHOW
  FILE, HTTP, SCRIPT Used for technical support only  
LOGS SHOW Prints out the current receiver logs LOGS SHOW
  PURGE Purges the current receiver logs LOGS PURGE
  MSG Prints a message in the log file LOGS MSG,"message"
  AUTO, STATS, REG, SCRIPT Used for technical support only  
LOGIN N/A Displays current logged in account or logs in to the command processor LOGIN [user,pass]
LOGOUT N/A Logs out of the command processor LOGOUT
MAINT SHOW Displays the currnet maintenance window settings MAINT SHOW
  CLEAR Clears the current maintenance window settings MAINT CLEAR
  SET Set a maintenance window for the receiver MAINT SET,(HH:MM),(MIN),[days]
PAD   Send an output message to a port PAD (port),"message" (port=A-D)
  BAUD Set the baud rate for a port PAD BAUD,(port),(baud)
  PGM Assign ancillary or async services to a port PAD PGM,(port),(ANC/pgm) (pgm=program code or PID)
  TEST Outputs test data on the specified port PAD TEST,(port),(START/STOP)
PASS N/A Displays the current daily password for the affiliate website PASS
PID N/A Used for technical support only  
PORT SHOW Displays current station port mappings PORT SHOW
  STATUS Displays detailed information on audio ports including station, program and pid. PORT STATUS,[port]
  STOP Idles the specified port PORT STOP,(port)
  LIVE Sets a live program on a port specified by program number. LOCK can be appended PORT LIVE,(port),(pgmid),[LOCK]
  PID Sets a live program on a port specified by PID PORT PID,(port),(pid)
  PLAY Plays a specified recording on a port. Optionally specifiy an offset in HH:MM:SS.hh format PORT PLAY,(port),(recording),[offset]
  AMODE Displays or sets the audio mode for a port PORT AMODE,(port),[MONO/STEREO]
  AUTOPLAY Plays back a recording of a specified program by n-th most recent or a specific time PORT AUTOPLAY,(port),(pgmid),RECENT,[n] PORT AUTOPLAY,(port),(pgmid),TIME,(HH:MM:SS),[YYYY-MM-DD]
  INSERT Inserts an audio file specified by the ISCI code PORT INSERT,(port),(isci)
  LOCK/UNLOCK Locks a port to the current program causing scheduling to be ignored. Unlock to release PORT LOCK,(port) PORT UNLOCK,(port)
  SYNC Sync audio ports to regular schedule PORT SYNC
  TONE Stops programming and puts tone on all ports. Tone specified in kHz PORT TONE,(100/1000/10000/STOP)
PSI SHOW Prints out the PSI table PSI SHOW
  AUTHS Displays program authorizations for the receiver and stations PSI AUTH
  BOUQUETS Displays program groups and whether or not they are enabled. PSI BOUQUETS
  GROUPS Displays station and receiver groups PSI GROUP
  CUES Displays program associated netcues PSI CUES
  SCHED Displays program associated schedules PSI SCHED,[pgmid]
  NETWORK Displays the network ID number and name PSI NETWORK
  MONITOR Enable or disable PSI monitoring. Displays a fault light when enabled PSI MONITOR,[ON/OFF]
  CLEAR Clears the current PSI table PSI CLEAR
PING N/A Ping a specified IP address PING (a.b.c.d)
PLAY N/A Play a file through the headphone port PLAY (filename)
PWR N/A Displays the current voltage readings PWR
QUIT N/A Log out of an M&C session or end a telnet session QUIT
REBOOT 1 Immediately reboot the receiver REBOOT 1
  SDL Reboot the receiver if SDL is ready. REBOOT SDL
  SS Reboots the receiver if the specified mask matches the receiver status REBOOT SS,(mask)
  MAINT Reboot the receiver during the maintenance window. Parameters: 0=clear,1=set,2=now REBOOT MAINT,(parameter)
RLY (Relay number) Display current relay status, energize a relay, de-energize a relay or pulse a relay. RLY (0-31),[ON/OFF/PULSE]
  SHOW Displays relay mapping for the receiver RLY SHOW
  ALL Set a hex mask to control all of the relays. Values = 00000000 - FFFFFFFF RLY ALL,(xxxxxxxx)
  IN Check the status of the opto inputs or fire a specified opto script RLY IN,(1-15)
  TEST Start or stop a test that fires all of the relays in sequential order RLY TEST,(START/STOP)
SHUTDOWN 1 Stops all processes in the receiver in peparation for an AC power down SHUTDOWN 1
SLEEP N/A Used for technical support only  
SF   Displays the saved fault mask SF
  SHOW Displays verbose descriptions of the saved faults SF SHOW
SN N/A Displays the receiver serial number SN
SS   Displays the current fault mask SS
  SHOW Displays verbose descriptions of the current faults SS SHOW
STATIONS SHOW Displays stations mapped to the receiver STATIONS SHOW
  SCHED Displays schedules for all or a specified station STATIONS SCHED,[station id]
  ROTATIONS Displays current rotations for the specified station STATIONS ROTATIONS,(0-7)
TEMP N/A Displays the current internal temperature of the receiver TEMP
TIME N/A Displays the current time TIME
TRACE SHOW Displays a list of traceable feature as well as currently enabled traces TRACE SHOW
  ALL Enables tracing on all available features TRACE ALL
  NONE Disables all tracing TRACE NONE
  (feature) Enables tracing on the specified feature TRACE (feature)
TTY N/A Used for technical support only  
TUNER SHOW Displays current tuner status, settings and statistics TUNER SHOW
  SET Set the tuner parameters in kHz and sps TUNER SET,(kHz),(sps)
  FBC Display or set the fallback carrier parameters TUNER FBC,[kHz],[sps]
  LNB Display or set the LNB frequency TUNER LNB,[kHz]
  SR Display or set the symbol rate for the tuner TUNER SR,(sps)
  LNBV Toggle the LNB voltage on or off or display the current status TUNER LNBV,(ON/OFF)
  CLEAR Reset the tuner statistics TUNER CLEAR
VER N/A Displays the current verison of the receiver code VER
VOL N/A Display or set the volume for the headphones or front speaker. VOL [0-255]